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Dagmar Cyrulla
Do Noble
Echo Zixuan Cai
Julian Bruere
Maxwell Wilks and John Orlando Birt
The Late Patricia Moran and Tony Pridham
Greg Allen
David Chen
Herman Pekel
Joseph Zbukvic
Paul Margocsy
Peter Smales
Patricia Moran
Maxwell Wilks
Fu Hong
Judith Wills - The Estate of the Late
Drew Gregory
John Orlando Birt
Ross Paterson
Clive Sinclair
Andrew Gemmill
Nic Canosa
Patrick Carroll
Tony Pridham
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Amanda Hyatt
Ted Powell
Robert Wade OAM
Lee Machelak


» Amanda Hyatt
Varanasi, WC 90 x 60cm $4,350.00 Amanda Hyatt A rigorously inventive watercolourist and oil painter, Amanda Hyatt is dedicated to diligently pushing the envelope of.... [more]

» Andrew Gemmill
The Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Venice, WC 75 x 64 Andrew Gemmill … a rare exponent of watercolour technique at its evocative peak – silky colour washes, superb drawing, spontaneous.... [more]

» Cherry Manders
Image 1: Nasturtiums in Art Deco Vase, 60 x 60cm $1600 Image 2: Red Bottle Brush, 60 x 60cm $1600 Image 3: Flowering Gum, 60 x 60cm.... [more]

» Clive Sinclair
Afternoon Westgate Bridge, WC, 110 x 20cm $2,000.0 Born in Melbourne 1951, Clive Sinclair commenced serious art training in 1973, studied art overseas in 1975, and on his return undertook.... [more]

» Dagmar Cyrulla
Neville - Lost but Not Found, Oil, 12 x 12cm Artist Statement - Dagmar Cyrulla I draw on my personal experience of what it is like to be human and my experience in relationships.... [more]

» David Chen
Evening Light, Oil 120 x150cm framed $11,000 Born in China in 1961, David studied at Nanjing College of Art and Nanjing Teachers University from 1981 to 1988, attaining a Bachelor and.... [more]

» David K Taylor
Sheltering Looe UK, WC 83 x 59cm  $5, David Taylor Relates the instance as eternity – using elusive shifts of light, intense compositional challenges, and his dexterity of.... [more]

» Do Noble
Bush Sentinel, Oil on canvas, 122 x 91cm ‘An artist whose colours trumpet their presence’ With the thought that artists travel to distant shores to gain vitality and colour in.... [more]

» Drew Gregory
Broom, Bucket and Boot Strap, oil on canvas 112 x Drew Gregory On initial viewing Drew Gregory’s photorealistic pictures present a conundrum – just what is one looking at, a photo within.... [more]

» Echo Zixuan Cai
Echo Zixuan Cai Echo Cai graduated from Peking University with Bachelor Degree of Art in Beijing, China, in 1988. She relocated in.... [more]

» Fu Hong
Sunflowers with Chair  122 x 122cm  oil on canvas Fu Hong Highly Respected Portrait Artist - Portrait Commission enquiries, through Jenny Pihan Fine Art. Contact : Jenny Pihan 0417 368.... [more]

» Greg Allen
 With Autumn Outside, WC 70 x 50cm $3400. Born in Melbourne in 1958. Armed with a passion to draw and benefited by creative parents - his father a noted architect - Greg Allen began.... [more]

» Herman Pekel
Paris, Rochechouart 1, Oil 55 x 75cm $3800. Born in Melbourne in 1956 to Dutch parents, Herman showed an early interest in art which led him in his youth to studying plein-air (open.... [more]

» John Orlando Birt
Afternoon Shadows, Siena Tuscany, WC 28 x 25c $900 Broken Hill-born, John was educated in Adelaide,, South Australia, where he attended the South Australian School of Art majoring in fine.... [more]

» Joseph Zbukvic
Promenading, Florence, WC, 27 x 47cm $1,850.00 Joseph Zbukvic …exhibits a clarity of depiction and a faithful exactness to his subject matter tapping skillful drawing, masterful.... [more]

» Judith Wills - The Estate of the Late
Trebinje, former Yugoslavia, 30 x 36cm Oil …her tender painterly touch brings a reasoned romanticism to her traditional subjects of land/seascape and floral/still life – each work is.... [more]

» Julian Bruere
Misty and Venerable Snowgum, WC, 35 x 54cm Julian Bruere Fine Art and Illustration Julian paints his subjects in watercolour with a strong drawing basis. Landscape, City Scenes,.... [more]

» Lee Machelak
Shades of Green, Oil on Canvas, 61 x 76cm $3,500. Lee Machelak …her love of tonal realism is conveyed in her penetrating portraits reflecting time’s ephemeral moments and life’s little.... [more]

» Maxwell Wilks
Back Beach, Pastel, 110 x 80cm $7850 Maxwell Wilks …powerful slicing strikes of pastel, brilliant colour and energised movement, and alive gestural rendering of oil scenes.... [more]

» Maxwell Wilks and John Orlando Birt
Deserted Beach, Pastel, 110 x 80cm Maxwell Wilks Jenny Pihan Fine Art is proud to present the works of two highly respected realist Artists ──── Demonstration.... [more]

» Nic Canosa
What you already knew dear soul Piquet, WC 23 x 28 One of the founding members of the reputed and highly popular Winterlude group, Italian born Nic Canosa became involved in the arts when.... [more]

» Patricia Moran
Red for Danger, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 36inches Author, tutor and internationally successful artist, Patricia’s paintings have to be on the 'bucket list' to own. Patricia Moran knew.... [more]

» Patricia Moran - DVDs
The Complete Collection - Parts 1 - 6 Learn Classic Oil Painting with Patricia Moran (The Late Patricia Moran 2017) It is uncommon in classical realism for an artist to be.... [more]

» Patrick Carroll
The Best Harbour in the World, Acr, 76 x 56cm Patrick Carroll’s paintings could never be described as tame or tentative in their manner of execution, rather his pigment loaded brush.... [more]

» Paul Margocsy
U.S. Great Horned Owl, WC & Gouache on TS Canvas, Born in Melbourne in 1945, Paul has had no formal art training but developed a love for painting at an early age. In 1978 he became.... [more]

Scarlet Macaw, Paul Margocsy Take Three Individual Artists - Three Distinct Styles and Subject - One Fabulous Exhibition Space together with Jenny Pihan Fine Art and.... [more]

» Peter Smales
Under the Old Rail Bridge, Oil 20 x 30cm $1,250.00 Peter Smales Born in London in 1958, Peter Smales began painting in his early teens and has been a fulltime professional artist since.... [more]

» Robert Wade OAM
The Pub at Maree, South Aust, WC 73 x 53cm ROBERT WADE OAM AWI., FVAS., FRSA (LON), AWS (USA) ,KA. (USA), ISMP.(USA), MHSMA.(Mexico) Born in Melbourne, Australia, 1930, the.... [more]

» Ross Paterson
A Venice Canal, WC, 65 x 100cm $4,500.00 Ross Paterson …creates lively, vivacious and masterly watercolours, oils and pastels from an unconventional perspective in oriental.... [more]

» Stephen Doyle
Morning, Astor Theatre, Melb, Oil, 50x75cm $2,400. Although a painter of some 20 years standing, Stephen Doyle has only recently ceased running his own small business so that he may devote.... [more]

» Ted Powell
Bridging the Yarra, Oil 150 x 150cm ARTHUR (TED) POWELL Education: Diploma of Fine Art, St Martins School of Art, then Ealing School of Art London. BA Advertising,.... [more]

» The Late Patricia Moran and Tony Pridham
Tony Pridham - No 8, Oil Tony Pridham Both with the belief that something beautiful, painted beautifully, is justification in itself; bringing a sense of wonder to the viewer.... [more]

» Tony Pridham
Grassfinches-in-Australia -  Book Cover Tony Pridham Tony Pridham is one of the great success stories of Australian bird painting. Widely regarded as one of the world’s.... [more]


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