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Hyperrealism - Eternal Rose, Oil, 92 x 68cm
Hyperrealism - Eternal Rose, Oil, 92 x 68cm Corellas - Mates for Life, Oil,  40 x 33cm Flight, Major Mitchell Cockatoos, Oil,  70 x 90cm

Tony Pridham
Tony Pridham

Tony Pridham is one of the great success stories of Australian bird painting. Widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost painter’s of birds; his achievements on the International scene is testimony to an extraordinary talent.

Born in Australia (1964), Tony’s works hand in the worlds leading museums dedicated to the genre of “Bird Art”. These include the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin (USA), which houses the world’s most important collectio0n. Tony Pridham’s painting of three Vulturine Guinea fowl (purchased 2002) is Australia’s only representation. Other museums in the Untied States recognizing Tony’s work are the Bennington Museum in Vermont, and the Hiram Blauvelt in New York. The Natural World Museum in San Francisco has also obtained two of Tony’s originals. Founded by America’s foremost private collector of Wildlife art, Richard V Smith, this museum is the most important of its kind.

Tony’s work also hangs in many of the world’s most prominent galleries. These include, the Tryon and Mooreland Galleries in London, Ron Kobli Gallery in New Jersey, Germanton Gallery in North Carolina and the Trailside Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

A further indication of Tony’s success is the many notable collectors who have invested in his work. These include Joseph V Smith, Nancy Spencer and Dr Del Curling. Highly regarded for their investment potential, Tony’s originals regularly appear in the Auction Houses of Christies, Sotheby’s and Bonham’s. In June 1997 a small painting (13 x 11”) titled “’Serval at Rest”, realized the equivalent of AU$14,500 at a Christies auction in London.

At the first and only showing of his work in London in 1991, the British Society of Animal Artists awarded Tony “Best New Artist”. In 1997 Tony was elected a member of the exclusive “Society of Animal Artist’s” in New York. In 2000, the artist received the Societies highest accolade, the Medal of Excellence” for his stunning painting titled “Bobwhites Sunning”. He duplicated this success in 2002 with his painting of Australian Bee-eaters.

Tony’s work was featured in the 2001 publication titled “Feather and Brush”, three centuries of Australian Bird Art, by Penny Olsen. (Published by CSIRO) Tony is currently working on a new book with the same author, featuring the extinct Paradise Parrot. As well as books, Tony’s work has appeared in a number of magazines. These include Australian Artist, UK Birdwatcher, Wildlife Art News (USA) and International Artist.

At home in Australia Tony continues to contribute his time and talents to supporting The Wildlife Art Society of Australasia. He has taken out many major Art Awards including First Prize and is a past Exhibition Director of the Society. In 1996 Australia Post commissioned art work from the artist for “Birds of Christmas Island”. A keen birdwatcher and amateur ornithologist Tony has helped work on scientific papers for both the Golden-shouldered Parrot, and the Orange Bellied Parrot.

Through critical observation Tony Pridham captures the transient characteristics of the birds he paints, achieving an integrity and beauty rarely seen in the commercial world. This ability to transcend the boundaries of nature and interpret in paint, a sense of the bird’s presence and relationship to the viewer, is what separates the truly great bird painters from others.

By placing such a high demand upon himself Tony’s paintings are a true celebration of the avian world and justifiably rank among the very best!

"Grassfinches in Australia".

Widely regarded as one of the world’s premier painters of birds, Tony Pridham’s works hang in a number of museums specializing in natural history art, and have been published in a number of important ornithological books.

Featuring is the complete selection of artworks by Tony, in the newly released and long awaited "Grassfinches in Australia".

It is the most comprehensive scientific study of this colourful and unique group of birds.
Tony travelled widely throughout Australia, seeing each species in the wild and depicting all Grassfinches in their natural habitat.

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